Dornbirn, Austria, Review

I had always wanted to visit the area of Lake Constance. With its many beautiful lake towns and villages and the roaming fields that fall out from it towards the mountains of Austria Germany and Switzerland, it had always been a dream. However last summer, the Mrs and I, plucked up the courage, and with the Caravan attached to our little motor we headed off. We had an idea of the places we wanted to stay at, Lindau, Bregenz to name a few, however the town of Dornbirn, roughly ten KM from the lake would be were we set up our caravan and would be our base. As we approached the town, the first things we noticed were the mountains that surrounded the town, and on the tips of the highest, snow still popped its head. We were staying at the town campsite, which was perfectly placed for mountain walks, the town museums as well as the local outdoor baths, which for the younger hearted includes a kiddies slide, larger slide as well as diving boards, football pitches plus much more for the sporty enthusiastic type, however for the rest of us, it also has a bar and restaurant, now that’s my kind of entertainment.



USA Tour 2012

An RV Tour of some of the National and State Parks in the USA 26th April – 15th June 2012 Sent in by Joan & Malcolm, UK The beginning of the tour was late at night when we arrived at the hotel in Portland, Oregon. Our taxi driver warned us not to walk out in […]