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At the start of 2012 I decided to take some time of work and visit some of the places around Europe I had always wanted to see. I packed up my small camper van and off i set with map in hand and no real plan in place. My trip lasted for six weeks were i was lucky enough not to encounter any major problems (I don’t think a puncture whilst visiting Brugge counts). I enjoyed every minute of it and at my age, i am glad that i managed to get away to do it. I decided to write into this website as i enjoy talking about my travels and reading other tales and also that the fact I came across a town which i came quite fond of. This relatively unknown town is called Cahors, a smallish town in the southern region of France I discovered whilst travelling back from Lourdes (another amazing place, but a little more well known I’m sure). I was not planning on stopping here but as i entered the town i was immediately taken with it. The main road through its heart is full of modern day bars/restaurants and shops, not what i usually look for, but after following the river round the town, I came cross its masterpiece, its Roman Bridge. I had to walk across it with its rich history and memories built into the walls. I took my time to cross it as i enjoyed the gushing river below and tried to let the feeling of the bridge come to me. The opposite side of the bridge was to hold another surprise, a seemingly “Magic” spring. Placed at the foot of a rocky mountain, the spring which was perfectly calm and peaceful gushed out to feed the larger river which ran along side. It was certainly worth coming just for them.
Once back at the van i decided it was to late to move on, so cooked my dinner and went for a stroll as the sun disappeared and gave way to the moonlit sky. I walked into the centre to be met with a large fountain which changed colour and i decided to sample the local cuisine and ale which was readily available. All at a very affordable price. The next morning I awoke and walked back into the town to the tourism office (next to the fountain in the centre). They were extremely helpful and pointed me in all the right directions. The town is home to a Roman amphitheatre (the walls are in a car park but still there), Roman entry gates to the town still stand. The cathedral is beautiful as well as the churches and an old clock which, though sounds unspectacular is definitely worth seeing for its uniqueness. The oldest street in Cahors is….well, really old, but has some amazing features and can also boast to have the hose were King Henry lived. Overall, i was really pleased to have found the town and i would certainly recommend it. I never come across a motorhome stop in the town, but i didn’t have a problem parking, and never got asked to move or have anyone look at me in a peculiar way. I found the people very accommodating and friendly and would certainly recommend it to others.

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