Places of Interest and Attractions in Toscana/Tuscany

Places of interest in Toscana – Tuscany

 With so many places of interest in Italy we have split Italy into regions to make it easier to navigate. Here are a selection of places of Tuscany. Tuscany - Toscana,  is a region in Italy. It has an area of about 23,000 square kilometres (8,900 sq mi) and a population of about 3.75 million inhabitants. The regional capital is Florence (Firenze).

Tuscany is known for its gorgeous landscapes, its rich artistic legacy and vast influence on high culture. Tuscany is widely regarded as the true birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, and has been home to some of the most influential people in the history of arts and science, such as Petrarch, Dante, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Amerigo Vespucci, Luca Pacioli and Puccini. Due to this, the region has several museums (such as the Uffizi, the Pitti Palace and the Chianciano Museum of Art). Tuscany has a unique culinary tradition, and is famous for its wines (most famous of which are Chianti, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Morellino di Scansano and Brunello di Montalcino).

Six Tuscan localities have been designated World Heritage Sites: the historic centre of Florence (1982), the historical centre of Siena (1995), the square of the Cathedral of Pisa (1987), the historical centre ofSan Gimignano (1990), the historical centre of Pienza (1996) and the Val d’Orcia (2004). Furthermore, Tuscany has over 120 protected nature reserves. This makes Tuscany and its capital city Florence very popular tourist destinations, attracting millions of tourists every year. Florence itself receives an average of 10 million tourists a year by placing the city as one of the most visited in the world.


Places of Interest in Italy

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Uffizi Gallery

The Uffizi Gallery, situated in the city of Florence, Tuscany, Italy, is the oldest and most famous art gallery in the western world. The Uffizi Gallery houses some of the world’s most precious, beautiful and priceless paintings which draws crowds of visitors throughout the year from all over the globe. Building of the palace was begun by Giorgio Vasari in 1560 for Cosimo I de’ Medici as the offices for the Florentine magistrates — hence the name “uffizi” (“offices”)……….Read more……..

Piazzale Michelangelo





Piazzale Michelangelo is a square in the Oltarno district of Florence with fantastic panoramic views over the city. The Piazzale is a popular tourist destination, as visitors can get some of the best photographs over the city with its rooftops, Domes, church spires and the sparkling waters of the River Arno below. At night the scene is even more spectacular with the twinkling lights of Florence making the Piazzale a romantic destination for lovers…..Read more……..

The Leaning Tower of Pisa


The Leaning  Tower of Pisa is the Campanile of the Cathedral of Pisa and stands (or leans!) on the square which also contains the Cathedral and the Baptistery. The Tower is world-famous for it’s slant, and it is true that it makes you gasp in unbelief when you first catch sight of it. The Tower’s “lean” is due to the soft ground that it has been built on and it also affects the Cathedral building and the Baptistery, although to a lesser degree…..Read more…..

Chianti – Wine and Region


The  Chianti Region of Tuscany covers an area of around 300 sq. kilometres and lies between Siena and Florence. The scenery is wonderful and instantly recognisable from the many paintings and photographs that have been reproduced over the years of “Tuscany’s landscapes”. Softly rolling hillsides covered with rows of grape vines, stony meadows, olive groves and groups of cypress trees all make up the beauty that is Tuscany and the Chianti region in particular…..Read more….. 

Wind Cave, Garfagnana


The Wind Cave or Grotto del Vento are set in the wild and rugged beauty of  the Apuan Alps Natural Park in Tuscany. The cave gets its name from the wind rushing out of one of the entrances of the cave. The temperature inside the cave is constant, at 10.7 degrees and in the summer the outside temperature is warmer thus causing the air to be sucked in from the top entrance and to rush out of the bottom,…..Read more


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