Les Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie

Les Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie

Who are we ?

A Guarantee of Quality, Awareness and Development

“The Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia” Association came into being in 1994, on the initiative of Alain Collin, of Chardeneux (Nap-Leuze), at the time of the Tourism Seats of the Province of Namur and drew particular inspiration from the experience of “The Most Beautiful Villages of France”.

• TO GUARANTEE THE AUTHENTICITY OF THE NETWORK’S VILLAGES by building an associative and cultural dynamic around a DEMAND FOR QUALITY.

• TO FORMULATE A SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT POLICY by basing itself on the presentation and protection of the architectural heritage of the network’s villages, and on an enhancement of the products relating to regional identity (products of the soil, local arts and crafts, cultural values, and so on and so forth).

• TO AMPLIFY AWARENESS OF THE NETWORK by supporting a policy of welcome reconciling resident comfort and visitor approval (examples: creation of a parking area, conversion of a public square into a convivial space, creation of a meeting centre in the village,…).The exercise also aims at achieving a better appreciation of the associative and cultural riches of rural Wallonia by conducting a policy of products and events (guided and commented walks, flavour circuits, bicycle circuits and so on) that enhances the villages’ quality of life.

• TO ENSURE RECOGNITION OF THE SPECIFICITY OF THE VILLAGES OF CHARACTER by the public authorities (European Union, State, Region, etc).

 Admission conditions ?

The “The Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia” network is built around the criterion of quality. This is found at every level, especially within the villages’ admission requirements:

• A rural character
• The existence of one or more monuments that are listed, or that could be in the near future,
• An architectural and town-planning heritage of value, appreciated through a series of criteria,
• A communal and/or associative will, authenticated by concrete acts of heritage presentation.

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The Villages



Commune of Beloeil (Province Hainaut)



Commune Houyet (Province Namur)



Commune de Somme-Leuze (Province de Namur)


Commune de Thimister-Clermont (Province de Liège)



Commune d’ Assesse  (Province de Namur)



Commune d’Aywaille (Province de Liège)



Commune de Philippeville (Province de Namur)



Commune de Onhaye (Province de Namur)



Vresse-sur-Semois (Province Namur) Ardenne



Commune de Chimay (Province de Hainaut)



Commune de Jodoigne (Province de Brabant Wallon)



Commune de Gesves (Province de Namur) 



Commune d’Attert (Province de Luxembourg)



Commune de Hotton (Province de Luxembourg)



Commune de Olne (Province de Liège)



Commune de Thuin (Province de Hainaut)



Commune de Wellin (Province de Luxembourg)



Commune de Pepinster (Province de Liège)



Commune de Anhée (Province de Namur) 



Commune de Doische (Province de Namur)



Commune d’Andenne (Province de Namur)



Commune de Rouvroy (Province de Luxembourg)



Commune de Viroinval (Province de Namur)



Commune de Durbuy (Province de Luxembourg)

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