Wolfgangsee – Christmas Markets in Austria

Wolfgangseer Advent

Radiating far across the peaceful waters of  Lake Wolfgangsee on the dark winter nights, the inviting, peaceful glow of lanterns draw guests from near and far to look in wonder at and enjoy the Lake Wolfgang Advent (Christmas) Market. There is a joyful anticipation of Christmas in the air and visitors are able to experience fascinating customs still in practice today. The Lake Wolfgangsee Advent (Christmas) Market is celebrated in St. Gilgen, Strobl and St. Wolfgang annually and this year is no exception, and all only one hours drive from Salzburg’s Christmas Markets.

Advent (Christmas) Wolfgangseer Market Times 2016:

18.11.2016 – 18.12.2016 (now open 7 days a week)

The Markets are open weekdays from 12 p.m. – 7.30 p.m.

Saturday, Sunday from 10.00 a.m. – 07.30 p.m.


Christmas and New Year Market Times 2016:

In the village of St. Wolfgang candles, torchlight and warming braziers lend a cosy atmosphere and the solid, rustically-decorated Market stalls meander from the Postplatz Square to the lakeside, whilst in the Mozart village of St. Gilgen the visitor can expect a Baroque backdrop to the Advent scene. A joi de vivre and a joyful anticipation of Christmas are depicted on the Market stall facades – designed by artist Raja Schwahn-Reichmann. The idyllic village of Strobl, however, is romantically transformed into something very special – featuring exquisite Nativity-scenes.

Adorned with sparkling, pre-Christmas decorations, all three villages glitter and glisten throughout, whilst the lake, quiet and dark, silently links the radiance of their Advent (Christmas) Markets. Regular boat trips slide past the imposing floating lantern, the illuminated Oxen Cross, and the Wedding Cross which lies at the foot of the sheer Falkenstein cliff wall, from which the sound of trumpets echoes over the whole lake.

St. Gilgen

The lovingly-created stalls, painted in the Baroque style by the artist Raja Schwahn-Reichmann create a magical Christmas atmosphere in the Mozart village on Lake Wolfgangsee, helped by the spicy scent of Gingerbread   and the muted sounds drifting through the air. The market stalls alone are worth seeing and are in themselves an open-air exhibition.

The stall facades have colourful Advent scenes painted on them, with figurines of people, angels and animals. These were inspired by colourful 3D Baroque murals and ceiling paintings and, as one stands and admires, new details catch the eye again and again.

Candlelight, radiating from the windows around the authentically-decorated Mozart square, accompanies the passage through Advent. Here, numerous events, concerts and nativity plays along with much, much more tempt one to linger a little longer. Other special experiences on offer are the ice rink and the mountain cable car ride, which transports you away from the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle in the village to the quiet tranquillity of the mountain top.

Advent (Christmas) Markets St.Gilgen & Strobl 2016

Opening weekend: Friday, 18 – Sunday, 20 November 2016
1st Weekend: Thursday, 24th – Sunday, 227th November 2016
2nd Weekend: Thursday, 1st – Monday 4th December 2016
3rd Weekend: Thursday, 8th – Sunday 11th December 2016
4th Weekend: Thursday, 15th – Sunday, 18th December 2016


… the village of nativity-scenes!

The idyllic village of Strobl on the shores of Lake Wolfgangsee is romantically transformed into something very special – featuring exquisite Nativity-scenes. Also on offer, in its numerous, beautifully-decorated Advent (Christmas) Market- stalls, are arts, crafts and local specialities. It’s the thirty traditional Market stalls, though, with their original wooden roofing tiles, that really transport you to a bygone era.

Close to nature!
Amongst the nativity scenes sits an enclosure, holding various non-domestic animals. These, and the life-sized nativity scene featuring real animals are a real draw, inviting the onlooker to pause and stay a while longer.
A visit to the Nativity-scene exhibition should on no account be missed. Up to 45 nativity-scenes are made by Strobl primary-school children every year, which they exhibit with great pride in the children’s section of the exhibition. Treasured family heirlooms and handmade local creations can also be admired, with cribs on show ranging from the present day to centuries-old examples; from very small to extremely large; and from oriental to those firmly rooted in the Strobl tradition!

However, there’s much more on offer at the Strobl Advent (Christmas) Market. Romantic horse-drawn sleigh rides, various customs and traditional events, for example, all round off an atmospheric day during the run up to Christmas on Lake Wolfgangsee… and it all takes place under a great comet, lighting up the promenade.

St. Wolfgang

…the romantic Advent village!

Entering the idyllic Advent (Christmas) Market through one of the two huge Market gates, the visitor is led along a lane of lanterns to the Advent (Christmas) Market which is festively decorated with hundreds of fir trees, flaming torches and metre-high, romantically-glowing lanterns

The anticipation of Christmas is tangible and celebrated with joy here, and fascinating customs, still practised today, are a big draw.

Watch over the shoulders of craftsmen at work on their ancient arts and crafts and buy genuine pieces of folk-art to take home with you. This “real” Christmas Market offers a rich selection of exquisite arts and crafts, regional specialities and wonderful Christmas tree decorations too.
At the Angel Post-office, children are helped to write down their Christmas wishes by angels and, using the angel-post, they can send their wishes in the right direction!
The unique Nativity-scene standing in the vicarage garden with its life-sized figurines carved in the local Salzkammergut style draws those of all ages to stand and stare in admiration.

Various cultural and traditional events complete the programme in the romantic village of St. Wolfgang all leaving you with unforgettable memories.

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